Give your Smile a boost with Tooth Whitening Treatments

Do you want to give your smile a boost of brightness and cleanliness? Then tooth-whitening treatments will be the way forward to achieve the desired level of whiteness you want.

Modern tooth-whitening treatments are now faster, safer and more effective than ever. In fact, tooth whitening treatments are one of the most popular treatments for adults that cosmetic dentists perform. By using the latests whitening techniques, your dentist can provide you with a treatment that can take as little as three weeks for you to see a very noticeable result.

Why is tooth-whitening so popular?

There are many reasons why a person will want to whiten their teeth. It could be that their teeth have become quite heavily stained from years of tea and coffee drinking. This has left them feeling a little self-conscious about their smile and may choose to hide it away because they are ashamed of how stained their teeth have become.

There are lots of people who work within job roles that involve a lot of face-to-face meetings or presentations with customers, clients or members of the public. Having a professional image and a presentable smile can be very important in these people-facing roles. Having tooth-whitening treatments can help to boost your self-confidence and give that first positive impression that you want to deliver.

Do tooth-whitening treatments take long?

Depending on the natural colour of your teeth, the amount of staining that need treating, and your desired level of whiteness, your length of treatment can vary greatly from someone else undergoing the same procedure.

Working closely with your dentist is the best way to quickly get the results that you want. Depending on your choice of tooth-whitening treatment, your dentist will be able to advise you about how long they expect the treatments to take effect and make a noticeable difference.

Your dentist will recommend a treatment procedure that suits your level of need. They may suggest a course of laser-whitening treatments conducted at their dental surgery, or if making regular appointments will prove difficult for you, they may suggest combining the latest in home whitening treatments where most of your treatment will happen overnight at home. You wouldn’t need so many dental appointments with this procedures – just a few regular check ups to make sure your progress is going as planned.

Should I do a home whitening kit instead?

The simple answer to this is NO! Remember that when you need to whiten your teeth, you will be using bleaching chemicals that need to have specialist handling and the right dose and strength administered. Home whitening kits can be dangerous and can lead to your gums being burned as well as causing damage to your teeth in the process.

You should only whiten your teeth with the help of a fully qualified dentist. You don’t want to risk your oral health by trusting a home-kit that will cause more problems and complications that your dentist will need to fix.