How Having Perfect Teeth can help Improve our Mental Health

There can be many causes of poor mental health in people, both on a medical level and also a social level. Whatever the cause, there are no easy solutions to be found. However, a lot of mental health worries can be reduced or improved when we take steps to fix those that can be mended.

While corrective dentistry cannot really help with every single mental health issue, it can help to boost a patients self-esteem and help them to feel better about themselves by having cosmetic dentistry where needed.

Many dental patients report a rise is self-confidence, a more positive outlook and better social relationships with others after receiving corrective cosmetic dentistry to fix issues with their teeth.

How important is oral health?

Having good oral health may be more important than you think – even on an everyday social level. For example, if you suffer with teeth sensitivity, you may tend to turn down offers of joining friends or work colleagues for coffee or an evening of cold drinks after work.

Avoiding social gathering because of tooth pain can affect our social relationships in a negative way. Having any sort of issues with your teeth can make social gatherings more awkward than they normally would. You may be embarrassed about showing a crooked smile or missing teeth. Eating may be difficult for you, so doing it in front of others can fill your full of dread.

Becoming socially isolated because of issues with your teeth can lead you to become more withdrawn. You may experience anxiety and depression – it can even affect your personal relationship with your partner and other loved ones.

How children can be affected

We all expect children to go through a period of life where they lose teeth and grow in new ones. Once they reach their teenage years and go through puberty, many teens are highly prone to become self conscious about their appearance, especially over their smile.

Many children experience teasing at school through having crooked teeth that can damage their self-confidence. While in most cases this can be solved by having a brace fitted to straighten their teeth, you could look at having a modern invisible style of brace that isn’t so obvious at first sight. This can help your teenager build up or regain their confidence once again.

It’s never too late for adults

Just because you are an adult it doesn’t mean you cannot have corrective dentistry to help straighten your crooked teeth, have implants to replace missing teeth or have your stained teeth whitened for a better, more healthy smile.

While mental health issues are very serious problems, there is a lot to be said for looking after ourselves and taking steps to improve our teeth to both function and look better. Giving ourselves healthy teeth and a happy smile are very positive steps to improving our mental well-being and helping us to feel much better about ourselves.