The Beauty of Invisible Braces

How can something that is invisible be beautiful? Well, when it comes to showing off your smile, having an invisible brace to help straighten your teeth can be a very beautiful thing indeed!

While the dental brace may never win any awards for greatness, their development was very significant nonetheless. Braces truly are the unsung hero behind the dazzling smiles of many celebrities, film starts and TV personalities, but you don’t have to be a Hollywood superstar to take advantage of having an invisible brace fitted.

Many thousands of people all over the world have benefited from having their teeth straightened to better align their teeth and enable them to bite properly, while improving their oral health in the process.

Regardless of the fact that braces can work wonders, many people still hold a real horror of them and have an aversion towards getting braces fitted. There are many deeply embedded fears and childhood memories of school friends having their teeth wired up, and smiling with a mouth full of metal, as well as the remnants of their last meal still clearly visible being trapped in their metalwork.

Adults can have braces too!

Thankfully, these day braces are no longer the domain of children and young teens. Adults can greatly benefit from having braces fitted, and with the modern development in invisible braces, you don’t need to hide your smile away or get embarrassed at work while wearing one. In fact, with modern invisible braces your workmates and friends will never know you are actually wearing one!

Where traditional braces we know from childhood have metal wires and large brackets that acted like a food strainer, today’s modern designs and styles are made from clear, thermoplastic materials that are actually really hard to spot with the eye. Unless you told someone you were wearing a brace, most people would hardly notice.

Braces are comfortable – no, really!

Traditional braces used to carry a degree of discomfort that was definitely unappealing. This was mainly due to the chunkiness of the metal that could cut into your gums if not properly fitted. While braces are by nature applying gentle pressure to move teeth into their correct position, therefore carrying some degree of discomfort, modern invisible designs push your teeth with a more gentle and comfortable action.

Another great benefit of modern invisible braces is the fact that you can easily remove them by yourself. With traditional braces, they were fitted by your dentist and were meant to stay in place 24/7, with regular adjustments performed by your dentist as your teeth moved into position.

Because modern designs of invisible braces are meant to be removed so you can more easily clean your teeth, eat and drink, you only need to pop you brace out when needed and then pop them back in again once you have finished.

There is also improved performance with modern invisible braces over traditional designs. This is because with traditional braces you expect to show good results within 18 to 24 months, depending on the degree of teeth realignment needed. However, with the newer technology you can expect to see more rapid results, in some cases it can be as little as six to 18 months.

So you see, something that is invisible can be very beautiful indeed!