Can You Use a Dental Implant to Replace a Front Tooth?

Using dental implants to replace damaged or missing molar teeth is quite commonplace these days and implants have been used for years with great success. However, people with missing front teeth are often confused about whether they should choose a denture or implant as a suitable replacement.

Firstly, while the technology for both dentures and dental implants have dramatically improved over the years, choosing either solution will be very effective and the modern materials used to create replacement teeth look so completely natural that it would be nearly impossible for anyone to tell that your replacement tooth wasn’t real.

Your choice will very much depend on your overall oral health, so you will need enough healthy gum tissue and jaw bone to be able to successfully support a dental implant.

If the jaw bone at the front of your mouth is insufficient and wouldn’t support a front-tooth implant your dentist can perform treatments such as bone grafting to address this.

Bone grafting is a procedure that takes live bone material from either your chin or jaw and place it into the front of your jaw above the are where your tooth is missing. The bone material will grow and mesh with the surrounding tissue and in a few weeks your jaw will be stable enough to support an implant.

While bone grafting sounds painful, the procedure will cause minimal discomfort to you and your dentist will be able to take steps to keep you comfortable and supported while the bone graft is taking.

If you have a missing front tooth and want to find a permanent solution, then a dental implant could be your best option. You should talk over your options with your dentist and book a thorough examination so your dentist can assess you for suitability for dental implants.

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