Perfectly Balanced Battersea

Known for its beautiful park, sprawling commons and the iconic power station, Battersea is a place with a personality all of its own. Being well connected to Clapham and Chelsea by road and rail link, this place has quite a unique village feel despite being so close to the centre of London.

People love to live here because the place has character. It has a nice balance between urban living and good access to open green spaces. With central London on the doorstep, Battersea residents are spoilt for choice for shopping, art, culture and fine dining.

What you will notice when visiting Battersea is that some areas always seems to be under some sort of redevelopment. In fact Battersea has been redeveloped so much over the past few years that if time travel were possible, early Victorians would no longer recognise the place.

Battersea is such an attractive and popular area that it is hard to believe that during Victorian times it was considered to be such an undesirable place. Before the industrial revolution, the area was mainly used as farmland growing food and raising cattle to feed the city dwellers. With the onset of the industrial revolution, Clapham Junction was built in the centre of Battersea and a network of industrial buildings started to spring up. Large swathes of farmland were given over to house building to provide homes for workers. This saw a population of just 6,000 in 1840 increase to 168,000 by 1910.

A lot of the local place names still hark back to their original farming roots, for example Lavender Hill is named for the many lavender bushes that were originally grown there for many years. By the late 19th century the Battersea area had changed dramatically into a major modern town and railway station. Even today, Clapham Junction perched in centre of Battersea is Britain’s busiest station with some 2,000 trains passing through it each and every day.

The area has gradually become a magnet for young families as well as young people who are just starting out on their career working in central London. It is an ideal commute and the rental prices are far more reasonable here than in neighbouring Chelsea. Such is the desire for young families setting up home here that the place has earned itself the nickname ‘nappy valley’.

Although it is in close proximity to central London, Battersea has a wealth of wonderful restaurants, a beautiful park and a mix of very friendly people that means you don’t need to travel to the city to get your entertainment. Those that are lucky enough to live close to the park say they really enjoy the greenery that is so lacking in the city. Chelsea is just a stones throw away across the river and is very well connected should you fancy a change of scenery.

An ideal spot for those looking for suburban life, Battersea has beautiful, leafy lined residential streets and boasts a very diverse community. You don’t have to venture far to discover great local independent shops and boutiques just minutes from Clapham Junction or Waterloo.

Go a little further to the north and take a peaceful walk through Battersea park. It is amazing how much wildlife and flourishing greenery you can discover so close to one of the busiest cities in the world. The park also has lots to do for family and friends which can be a day out in itself, with a children’s zoo, boating lake, sports pitches, nature trails and bike hire.