Treating Mouth Ulcers with Laser Therapy

Mouth ulcers are very annoying and uncomfortable oral irritations that affect about 10% of adults at any one time. Some people are more prone to ulcers and mouth sores than others and sometimes this can be as a result of low iron levels, stress, a nutrient-deficient diet or a side effect of medical treatments or certain diseases.

No matter what the cause, mouth ulcers are often very painful and cause great distress, especially when eating and drinking. However, relief is at hand through laser therapy with Glow Dental in Battersea, London.

Laser therapy treatment for mouth ulcers and cold sores act to ablate the nerve endings of the ulcer and dry it out, therefore encouraging faster healing. The laser cleans and disinfects the soft tissues of the gum, making it difficult for any secondary infection to set in.

Is laser treatment painful?

Many people wonder if laser treatment for their ulcers or cold sores will be painful. While it is quite normal for the area being treated to feel warm during the process, it is not at all painful. In fact, having laser treatments for ulcers will help to greatly reduce the pain felt and will help to speed up healing!

If you are suffering from a mouth ulcer or cold sore, then why not contact our team at Glow Dental to book a laser therapy session. You will be glad you did! The treatments are quick and painless and you will see results quickly.